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I have been an Artist for as far back as I can remember. My sisters and I spent many happy childhood hours drawing. I won an art Contest my freshman year of High School with my Logo design for the fliers at our small town County Fair. My senior year was at a HUGE high school, with about 2000 students, and I won First Place in the school art contest with a portrait I drew! I also took a photography class that year and absolutely LOVED it. At the end of the year my photography teacher took pains to help get me into a college with a prestigious photography program. I was accepted, and then never went because I had no idea how to proceed with it; I had moved out of home that year because of a rocky, abusive divorce my parents were going through, and had no support from home. Over the years since then, I’ve enjoyed all sorts of crafting as well, but mostly devoted my time to raising my family.

I remember my mom taking me to yard sales and thrift stores as a kid, so when I became a Mom, that became something I did as well. This is how I clothed 7 children and furnished our home as a young mother. I remember the first time I picked up a free piece of furniture; this guy was clearing out his parents’ estate and had a dumpster. He was tossing several gorgeous pieces of furniture into the dumpster as I happened to drive by. Having a Minivan is great!
Eventually I discovered craigslist, and started flipping random stuff I found on the free list to bolster up our family’s bottom line. I’ve always been a stay at home Mom, and my husband is a School teacher. We have 7 kids and this was a way I could earn on the side and still be home. In that process, I started really loving the old furniture and began focusing in on that. I have always been a person that looks at everything and thinks: “I can fix that!” Or, “I could MAKE that!” So, in looking online for furniture repair info, I began seeing images of gorgeously painted old furniture, which of course, is a SIN!! Because, Who?? Who would ever cover up that beautiful old Wood Grain?!? But, the artist in me was also highly intrigued, they look so mouth wateringly beautiful! In addition, there are some very good, practical reasons for painting things. Oftentimes these beautiful old furniture pieces have lived previous, abusive lives, and in many cases are not valuable enough to undergo the expense required to restore them to their former glory. But painting done right can cover a multitude of sins, and looks amazing to boot! As a middle aged lady, I can appreciate that!

I actually painted my first furniture piece, my own dresser, when I was in 7th grade. I remember being sorely disappointed in the results, I was using latex wall paint and a terrible brush, and had no idea what I was doing!  … LOL!  Now it’s what I do full time.  I have 4 adult children, and 3 left at home. Whilst most of my friends’ kids have flown the nest, we still have a good 9 years left before we are empty nesters. That’s what I get for having 7 kids, I guess! My youngest ones will just have to grow up seeing their mom grow a business! This way, I get to be home with them while I work, and as my own boss I can also be there for them.

Located just outside of Portland, Oregon, Rechic’d Vintique was created out of my love for picking and restoring Vintage and Antique Furniture. In addition to Refurbishing old Furniture, I have a passion for collecting eclectic and curious home and garden Décor treasures. I love the unique stories they tell, and the wonderful places that the “HUNT” takes you along the way.  So, those things find their way into our inventory as well. You will also find handmade items and repurposed oddities, created by myself or my teenage daughter out of our love for the eclectic treasures that we have enjoyed picking, and the desire to share these fabulous finds with you.

We are so happy that you have stopped in and hope you will look around, enjoy your time here, and come back again soon!

Shannon, ReChic’d Vintique