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Craigslist Adventures

CL Hoarding at it’s Finest

By May 2, 2019October 9th, 2019No Comments
So… I Maaay have to admit I have a teeny tiny problem.
But it’s not exactly what you might call …tiny.

The problem is, I have NO More Room at the Inn… to store my fantastic CL finds.
I could daily bring home multiple… and I DO mean multiple… amazing pieces of furniture.
Oftentimes for free. I have dabbled, and now I am bulging at the seams.
Well, not me, but my Carport. My Patio. My Barn.

I sell them, and before I know it, they are back. 
“The Cat Came Back” could be my theme song…
I recently freed up some space in my carport.
The same day I came home, and there was a bunch of furniture in my driveway, considerately left there by my son and his new girlfriend, who was moving.
More often, I am the culprit.

I have amassed a collection of items that require repair, refinishing, Love.
Some I will paint, others… Not.

This little experimental Night Stand, for example,  I painted.

It was nothing special, sort of a Mid 70’s, maybe 60’s blase’.
So uneventful, in fact, that I forgot to take before pics. I just sort of impulsively pulled it out and started working on it one Sunday evening, with my Mother in Law in Cahoots, picking out paint colors and new drawer knobs. No thought of before pics.
I am afraid I am not very considerate of your curiosities. I do apologize.

It was horribly outdated, but solid wood. We didn’t get far that night, just got a couple of coats of paint on it.
During the following days I changed out the trim. Added feet. Decoupaged the Drawer sides…
Then, Stripped and sanded back down to bare wood.
Painted… A-gain.
The old Latex paint, made to…Ahem… *resemble* a wood finish, over top of a few layers “other” paint, was wreaking havoc with my brand new coat of Annie Sloan Coco.
Those old undercoats would fail with the slightest ding, taking my expensive new coats of paint along with it.
And, It wasn’t exactly what you might term an artfully pleasant “Chippy” effect, either.

I definitely didn’t make much of anything when I later sold it for $85, as I put waaay too much time and money into it.
But, I learned a lot doing it, had lots of fun, and the gal who adopted it was absolutely in love with it. And I didn’t loose money.
So I feel it was worth it, as it was destined for doom and destruction when I found it.
Don’t you think it turned out rather Classy?

I shall have to show you more of what’s hiding in my carport… and my Patio. And in my Barn!
I’m in the process of emptying them out to create a workshop.
Because right now I can barely function.
But when you are bringing home treasures such as this…?
How can you say “No”???

My Dear Husband, “Mr. T”, is generally very supportive of me, but at times he says has reached his limit.
Fall is here, it’s starting to rain, and I can’t just haul home furniture to stack in my backyard.
Or.. Can I?
I have been passing by some very nice Junk!

I need to get rid of stuff so I can bring home more!


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